June Book Corner


I literally have a book wish list of tonsss of books! Mostly recommendations and some I stumble upon by chance. Currently I have 21 in the cue and that list is constantly growing. Last month I dove into 3 great books and here is my review...  

"How you handle defeat is even more important than how you handle success. What you do in the face of fear will ultimately determine whether you surmount that fear. Succumb, you'll always stay small. Overcome, you give yourself the chance to go big"

The first book I read was Crazy is a Compliment by Linda Rottenberg. This book is targeted towards entrepreneurs but before you say wait I'm not trying to start a business, ask yourself what can you take away from these types of books. Through learning about the success of many entrepreneurs I learned a lot of key elements of taken the road not well traveled and how I can apply these tips to my own live in advancing my career! Go big AND go home! Good book, easy read and lots of take away points! I give this 4 bookmarks.

"The half-life of love is forever"

Next I read This is How you Lose Her by Junot Diaz. When starting out this book was a little too raw for me but I kept reading and got passed it. Next thing I know I can't put it down! Junot uses a non traditional writing approach to look at different points of the main characters life. It ends in a heartbreaking story that he only brought on himself for being a clown. Really interesting book! Wouldn't call it my fav but it was a good read. I'll give it 3 bookmarks.


"...live boldly. Push yourself. Don't settle"

Me Before You is officially my favorite book! Jojo Moyes is incredible. This story of a girl who get a job with intent of helping a paraplegic in return who actually helps her and changes her life forever is so touching. It has a completely unexpected ending and I literally cried the entire last 2 chapters! whew like tears streaming down my face ugly cry haha jk. AMAZING book. Buy it. Read it. Definitely 5 bookmarks!

Until July...