May Book Corner


One of my favorite things to do is read. I loveee diving into a book and getting lost whether it by fiction or nonfiction. I tend to enjoy suspense/thrillers and self help books. I thought it would be fun to share each month the books I read the previous month and give my honest opinion of them in a few sentences. I will give my personal rate of the books in "bookmarks" 1 to 5, where 5 is the most a book can receive meaning I really enjoyed it! So starting with April I had the chance to read a couple of good ones!

Boundaries in Dating by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

This book covers a wide variety of topics within the dating realm. It is a Christian directed book so a lot of the advice suggested tends to stem back to the bible and religious components. I didn't learn anything I didn't already know about the importance of setting boundaries [guarding your heart, abstaining from sex, staying true to who you are in a relationship etc] but it was a good read and good refresher for someone getting back into the swing of dating. Overall I give this book 3 bookmarks.

Success Through Stillness by Russel Simmons

"You see we're all physically aware during the day. Not so many of us, however, are present. Presence is the source that everything positive, creative, happy, beautiful, and loving in your life is going to flow from"

Success Through Stillness was a book that discussed the importance of incorporating meditation into your every day life.   If you're looking to "learn" how to meditate this book isn't for you but if you're thinking about adding it to your life and wanting to know if it will be worth while or you just really want to know a little more about it this quick easy read is for you! I enjoyed it and as a lover of yoga I think devoting 20min twice a day to being still will be rewarding. Overall I give this book 4 bookmarks.

The 5 Love Languages: Singles Edition by Gary Chapman

So we've all probably heard of the book The 5 love languages developed for married couples and I grew an interest in determining what my love languages was as a single. So when I came across this singles edition in a used bookstore I had to read! This was a great book in learning about the 5 different love languages [words of affirmation; gift; acts of service; quality time; and physical touch] and how they apply to relationships in everyday life (family, professional and intimate relationships). There is also fun reflection questions at the end of each chapter and I wrote my answers in my journal each night. The book can also be used as a discussion tool for small groups with the study guide in the back of the book. I was not able to clearly identify my love language because I felt like I enjoy all of them, but after taking the profile quiz I was able to learn that I'm in fact "bilingual" and my top languages are equally gifts and quality time. When revisiting these two I had an aha! moment and was like those probably would be my top ones! I really enjoyed this book and so I will give it 5 bookmarks!

Private Games by James Patterson

I try to mix in a good fiction book each month to add a little imagination since I don't watch much television. James Patterson is definitely one of my favorite authors. With his suspense and murder mysterious he usually has a way of pulling you in and have you not wanting to put the book down. I've read all of the "Private" series books and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Private Games takes place in London and it was really hard getting into this book. I got about half way through and still wasn't hooked. This was very rare for me especially with it being one of the Private books. I was not able to finish it because it was so dull. It didn't have the grasping aspect which I love and so I was highly disappointed. I give this book 1 bookmark but would recommend reading any of the other books from the Private series.

So that's all for May's book corner. See you in June!